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2010年十一月6日,中国公益2.0项目(NGO2.0)中的三家组织荣获壹基金潜力典范单项奖。拯救民勤志愿者协会, 云南连心社区照顾服务中心、兰州兴邦文化咨询服务中心. 其中云南莲心社区照顾服务中心同时赢得潜力典范奖。

On November 6, 2010, three organizations trained by NGO2.0 Project received awards from the annual One Foundation Contest. Rescue Minqin (Gansu Province), Lanzhou Xingbang Cultural Consultancy Service Center (Gansu Province), and Yunnan based Lianxin Community Service Center won the best Creativity Award. Lianxin Community Service also won the Prize given to NGOs that have the best potential to be successful.

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