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福特汽车公司捐赠 “艰持:福特汽车环保奖中国故事”

2009年十二月二十七日,北京奥美公关部副总监蓝智勇 协助NGO20项目,获得25本福特汽车公司 出版的 “艰持:福特汽车环保奖中国故事“。此书捐赠给项目广州研讨会参与的草根组织。

On December 27th, 2009, Mikko Lan, Associate Director of Ogilvy Public Relations in Beijing, acquired from Ford Motor Company twenty-five copies of “Persistence: Stories and Best Practices of Ford Environmental Prize in China.” The copies were donated to participant organizations of the Guangzhou Training Workshop.

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