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2010年12月13日,招商局扶贫创新奖公布。NGO2.0项目的三家组织获得行动奖(兰州兴邦文化咨询服务中心,昆明野地环境发展研究所,云南 连心社区照顾服务中心),一家荣获设计奖(民和回族土族自治县残障人士医疗康复保健中心)。 /20101214/n278292911.shtml

On December 13, 2010, the outcome of the contest for Innovative Ideas of Poverty Alleviation held by China Merchant Steamship Company was announced. Four organizations (i.e., Lanzhou based Xingbang Cultural Consultancy Service Center, Kunming Wilderness and Environment Development Research Center, and Yunnan Lianxin Community Care Center) trained by the NGO2.0 Project received the Best Prize for Action Category. The fourth organization, Minhe Medical Center for the Handicapped in the Hui Minority and Tu Minority Autonomous Regions, won the prize for the Best Social Design.

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